Sunday, September 4, 2011


 I enjoy reading blogs and decided to see what it would be like to be a blogger.  I have no idea what shape or form this blog will take, other than to share bits and pieces of thoughts and experiences.

Let me introduce myself to you using the About Me, a-z method I've seen others use.

{a} Age - In calendar years 47.  In my head somewhere around 27.

{b} Bed size - Queen.  Same as my pantyhose.

{c} Chore you hate - All of them.  But I hate a dirty house even more.

{d} Dogs - A few great dogs through the years. Currently we have an old male and young female. In May we took them to a doggie birthday party.

  Panda has a good time where-ever he goes.

L.D. isn't much of a party animal.

{e} Essential start to your day - A cup of coffee while I  check the source of all information, Facebook.

{f} Favorite color - It depends.  My favorite color to wear isn't the same as my favorite color car.  When pressed, I give my favorite color as yellow because it is a happy color.  But it looks terrible on me and I would never drive a yellow car.  I would have sooo many speeding tickets if I drove a yellow car!

{g} Gold or silver - I'll take both, thank you.

{h} Height - 5'5'  (I sure hope {w} isn't Width)

{i} Instruments you play - I play an awesome Grooveshark!

{j} Job title - Functional Business Analyst.  Don't ask for a definition, I don't have one.

{k} Kids - By birth, 2.  Number of kids I call mine - at least seven.
Jillian and Jared

{l} Live - Big snow country of CNY

Yes, that is how deep the snow was the winter of 2007.

{m} Maiden name - Woodard.  In school we were always arranged alphabetically.  I was almost always the last to do anything.  So I married up the alphabet.  :)

{n} Nicknames - From my dad, Karendee.  From my friend, Kare-bear.  From a Pirate in A-Bay earlier this month, Sweet [blog-edit].

{o} Overnight hospital stays - Only a couple for myself.  Far too many with my son.

{p} Pet peeve - Oh boy.  We don't have time for a complete answer on this one.

{q} Quote - "I reject your reality and substitute my own."  Alan from Mythbusters.

{r} Righty or lefty - Righty

{s} Siblings - One.  Lost him 25 years ago.

{t} Time you wake up - When I absolutely HAVE to.

{u} University attended - Syracuse

{v} Vegetables you dislike- Smelly ones.

{w} What makes you run late - What doesn't?

{x} X-rays you’ve had - sinus, dental and foot

{y} Yummy food - Almost all, hence the Queen pantyhose.

{z} Zoo animal favorite - Otters!